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John Hopkinson

John grew up in Weardale, UK, where his father taught history at the local comprehensive school. John is gifted in math and received his PhD in Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At a meditation class in graduate school he learned that his mind's natural state is what other people try to achieve through meditation. He see the world as it is, rather than how people want him to think it is. This is perhaps how he ended up on Wall Street, making a career looking for opportunities generated by volatility. He worked at Goldman Sachs (FX sales strategist), Bank of America (Head of quantitative FX research) and at Laurion Capital (equity quant researcher). John is focused on how different people might be motivated to buy or sell at different times and has developed a quantitative approach for anticipating behavior of market participants. His weekly column More buyers or sellers identifies short-term opportunities of popular stocks on the move (or that are about to be).